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As a professional life coach and counselor, specializing in trauma recovery, it is my responsibility to understand your needs and proceed accordingly. Each individual person thinks and behaves in ways that are unique to them, therefore it is imperative to approach each client with fresh eyes and a full tool box. There are many different theoretical approaches at the disposal of the life coach, humanistic, pluralistic, holistic, transpersonal, and more, that can be incorporated into the therapeutic process , my personal preference is a bit eclectic and incorporates bits and pieces of each approach.

Coaching is a client led practice which means that my goal as their coach is to meet them where they are with compassion and empathy, without judgment or expectation. My hope is to give them an opportunity to see life differently, to become a creative designer of their personal healing and evolution as they begin to manifest the lives they were meant to be living, their best life.

The best way for me to maintain integrity to my perspective is to inspire others to live their best life by living my best life. I need to keep myself accountable to practicing what I preach, if I recommend journaling, praying, breathing exercises, meditation, positive affirmation or mindful self-soothing, then I need to be doing it as well. It is easy to slip in the muck while trying to help someone out of it, but taking care of yourself first is like wearing a harness that keeps you from slipping in and supports you as the two of you make your way back out. I cannot not change, modify, or mold you as my client, however, I can model the changes I would like to see and provide the place and tools necessary for the client to explore the kind of person they want to be.

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