Self Soothing

SELF-SOOTHING has to do with comforting, nurturing, and being kind to yourself by ways of soothing each of your five senses, using various self-soothing techniques.

What are Self-Soothing Techniques?

These are mostly very physical techniques, that use different body senses. Some of us have never had the feeling that we could do things to make ourselves feel better, calmer, feel relaxation or pleasure.

When do you use Self-Soothing Techniques?

Use them when you are feeling distressed, when emotions feel overwhelming, when situations feel like you can’t stand them anymore. Instead of doing something that hurts you, try something that gives you pleasure and comfort

What are some examples of Self-Soothing techniques for the five senses?

Vision: Walk in a pretty part of town. Look at the nature around you. Go to a museum with beautiful art. Buy a flower and put it where you can see it. Sit in a garden. Watch the snowflakes decorate the trees during a snowfall. Light a candle and watch the flame. Look at a book with beautiful scenery or beautiful art. Watch a travel movie or video.

Hearing: Listen to beautiful or soothing music, or to tapes of the ocean or other sounds of nature. Listen to a baby gurgling or a small animal. Sit by a waterfall. Listen to someone chopping wood.  When you are listening, be mindful, letting the sounds come and go.

Smell: Smell breakfast being cooked at home or in a restaurant. Notice all the different smells around you. Walk in a garden or in the woods, maybe just after a rain, and breathe in the smells of nature. Light a scented candle or incense. Bake some bread or a cake and take in all the smells.

Taste: Have a special treat, and eat it slowly, savoring each bite. Cook a favorite meal. Drink a soothing drink like herbal tea or hot chocolate. Let the taste run over your tongue and slowly down your throat. Go to a potluck, and eat a little bit of each dish, mindfully tasting each new thing.

Touch: Take a bubble bath. Pet your dog or cat or cuddle a baby. Put on a silk shirt or blouse and feel its softness and smoothness. Sink into a comfortable bed. Float or swim in a pool, and feel the water caress your body.