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Does your Emotional Intelligence Need a Pep Talk?

Does your Emotional intelligence need a pep talk?

11 Signs your Emotional Intelligence needs a Pep Talk

-According to Travis Bradberry (2018)

1. Easily stressed

2. Difficulty asserting yourself

3. Limited emotional vocabulary

4. Quick to make assumptions

5. Hole grudges

6. You don’t let go of mistakes

7. Often feel misunderstood

8. Don’t know your emotional triggers

9. You don’t get angry

10. You blame others for how they make you feel

11. Easily offended

This list was interesting to me as I could look back in my life and see where I struggled with the majority or all of these signs. I can also see where I was doing well emotionally, physically and psychologically, and did not struggle with any of these areas. Seeing all these things combined in a list really changed my perspective on how my emotional and psychological well-being can affect my ability to effectively respond with higher levels of emotional intelligence. Does anyone experience these symptoms of low EI? How can you use this list to become more mindful of your EI in challenging situations?

Happy Learning!

S. Jones


M. (2018). Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Learning How to Be More Aware. Retrieved from


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