Energy Healing

     “Energy Healing is a form of healing that manipulates, restores or balances the flow of energy in the body. The energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, helping remove energy deficiencies and blockages, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Treatments may include a combination of healing modalities including Reiki, Polarity therapy, Craniosacral, and others. Emphasis is often placed on solving emotional or spiritual problems, which have a profound effect in other areas such as physical health problems” (Alternatives for Healing, 2018).

“Our bodies are like rechargeable batteries using the Earth and the Universe to recharge. The Earth helps us to heal and gives us everything we need to survive, and works with the Universe to connect to a spiritual energy that keeps our bodies moving on a daily basis. We have a constant flow of energy from our feet to our minds.

     Energetic Healers believe that with this flow of energy, the body can heal itself naturally. We are all made up of flesh, blood and bones. But the physical body is just the beginning of the story. Thousands of years ago Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) introduced the ancients to the meridian system and the energy chakra vortexes. Modern science and physics (in the last 100 years) reassures us that everything is made up of energy. Medical practitioners are also recognizing the benefits of energy healing.

According to a 2007 survey, 800 hospitals in the United States have begun to use Reiki, a popular form of energy healing. When unblocked, energy fields make it easier to focus and maintain a positive outlook, which will encourage the body to restore itself naturally. There is comfort and validation in knowing that the ancients and modern science are both right.

Humans are, at the core, actually vibrating in unique electromagnetic waves. All physical health problems, emotional disturbances, and financial issues are related to energy blocks or imbalances. The majority of people are experiencing major stressors in life due to a demanding, hectic lifestyle. This causes disruptions in the body and can lead to physical problems like insomnia and mood swings. More people are beginning to understand that they see positive changes by focusing on the healing of the body’s energy.

Natural healers believe that all health issues start on an energetic level with a stressor which can block this flow of energy. Emotional and mental stresses are huge blocks to our own personal growth and development. This block can work its way into the body and causes a disturbance, which can lead to major health issues. It’s our job as humans to take care of our energetic bodies as well as our physical bodies to make sure this doesn’t happen. With the help of energy healing, these energy levels can be cleared, allowing us to reach our full potential to lead a happier, healthier life with more positivity and strength.

The mind is a powerful thing and thoughts are directly connected to the energetic body and the physical body. One way to clear these energetic blockages is to let go of all past traumas and negative relationships. If you hold on to all of your negative experiences in life, then your body will respond in a negative way. So it’s best to take each day as it comes, work through all of your emotions, and know you are a new you each day you wake up. By keeping your mind in balance, your body will follow.

One of the biggest benefits of natural healing is that it gives everyone the ability to improve themselves and lead a better life. When you are spiritually balanced, you are better able to stay positive and see life from a different point of view. This positive outlook wards off depression and allows the body to relax and maintain harmony, addressing potential problems before they develop into energetic blockages.

Another way to remove these blockages is to work with a Reiki practitioner, who will channel the energy of the Universe and pass it along to you. Reiki energy goes where the body needs it most, and it can take several treatments to get back to your right energy flow. We’ll explain how this works and what you can expect from a treatment session in this guide. Meditation is also good to learn to sense your blocks in energy, cleanse your aura, and remove the blocks yourself. A healer can also sense these energy roadblocks remotely and help you learn to clear them” (2018).


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